[Swallow with Many Loves] I have compiled a list of the people in the swallow, her love history, and her sharp dance moves.


Speaking of Yakult mascots, Tsubakuro is the most popular, but his younger sister “Tsubami” is also “TsubamisutoThe mascot is so popular that it has a passionate fan base.

Speaking of Tsubami, she has often attracted attention for her dancing that can be performed in any genre and for her reputation as a ``woman with many loves (Swallow?)''.

In this article, we have summarized basic information about Tsubami, information about the person inside, and her love history with players and mascots.


Basic information about Tsubami | Is the person inside a woman?

Tsubami is the mascot of Yakult's team, which debuted in 1999 as Tsubakuro's younger sister.
My hobbies are watching abs, suspense, and eating sweets.

Tsubami is often bullied by Tsubakuro, such as being kicked or having a bazooka pointed at her head, but recently, perhaps due to Tsubakuro's personality, Tsubami has become a member of Yakult's official dance performance team "Passion". He even kicks the members.

Ameblo until January 31, 2019official blog, but I got tired of being compared to my older brother Tsubakuro's blog and decided to take on a new challenge, so I haven't written anything since then.Instagramis moving to.

Is the person inside the bud a woman? Has it changed recently?

Over the past few years, the relationship between Tsubami and Tsubakuro has become less and less, and on blogs, Tsubami is sometimes referred to as ``that guy (brother).''Could it be that the people inside don't get along well?There are rumors like that, but personally I don't feel that Tsubami and Tsubakuro are on particularly bad terms.

There is also a lot of interest in the person inside the bud.Unlike Tsubakuro and Entaro, there is no useful information about the person inside Tsubami..

In the early days when Tsubakuro started appearing, the team had some loose settings, such as featuring fans in the fan book, but it was five years later than Tsubakuro, and since Tsubami first appeared. I think they are abandoning the concept of the person inside (lol)

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I have some personal speculation from this point on, but I think the person inside is a woman, either an employee or a part-time worker at Nihon Sogyo, like Tsubakuro.

This is because in April 2022, when a team official was tested positive for coronavirus.Because Tsubakuro and Tsubami were considered close contacts.is.

For some reason, I can picture myself going to work and having a meeting that day...
At the very least, there is no doubt that Tsubakuro and Tsubami are the only people currently in the group.

Didn't the person inside Seibu's Raina reincarnate into Tsubami somewhere along the way? Some people seem to be considering this.
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It's interesting that it's rare that the person inside is revealed like Tsubakuro, but it's also interesting that the person inside is mysterious like Tsubami.

Has the person inside changed from Tsubami's tastes and body shape? This is often talked about, but personally I don't think much has changed in the past few years.

A talented dancer who can dance any dance.

Tsubami's official profile also says,A talented dancer who can dance any genre.” However, the sharp dance performed with Passion is very popular among fans.

This dance must be quite tiring while wearing a costume (lol)
I don't know if it's a lie or not, but Tsubami's blog says that she doesn't practice with Passion, but remembers it by watching videos.

It might be possible if there was a real genius dancer inside, or if the person inside changed only when dancing.

Looking back on Tsubami's love history

In addition to her dancing, Tsubami also attracts attention for her romantic relationships with other team mascots and Yakult players.

She is known as a lovey-dovey woman (Swallow?) and has been given various nicknames.
Let's look back on Tsubami's love life.

Depending on the time of year, there may be two buds at the same time.They are carnivores.

Yasushiko, Yoshishi Iihara

Tsubami started posting information on her blog in 2013, and I remember that this was probably her first love.

His opponent is Yoshishi Iihara.
The team's official website also posted images of them exchanging gifts on their birthdays.

The story begins when a reporter who was rooting for Tsubami's love for Yasushi set up a photo of the two of them.

This time I like Yasushi even more (/ω\)

I will support Yasushi more than ever (`・ω・´)ゞ

So please be more active (ノДT)

Tsubami is active and I want to see more of Tsubami's favorite smiling Yasushi!
Quote:maiden in love

Since then, Yasushi has appeared regularly on the Tsubami blog.
When I searched on Ameblo, there were 56 blog articles featuring Yasushi (lol)

I was really shocked when Iihara was removed from Yakult in 2017.

Lotte mascot Ma-kun



Tsubami is the Lotte mascot other than the Yakult player.Ma-kun"is.
Since we are in different leagues, we only have a chance to meet in a few exchange games (and only when Jingu is hosting them), but when it comes to exchange games with Lotte, it is one of the events that attracts a lot of attention.
(Because sub-mascot Tsubami rarely travels away)

Still, every time Ma-kun comes to the shrine, he does some kind of action.
She even makes a ``Konin Notification'' like this and has it waiting for Ma-kun.



As expected, Ma-kun seems to be a little disappointed in this...

There are 49 articles by Ma-kun that appear on Tsubami Blog.
Well, I guess it can't be helped since I don't have many opportunities to interact with them compared to the players.

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Araki-kun, also known as Araki

Araki-kun, also known as Araki, is listed as his favorite type on Tsubami's official profile.
Araki calls Tsubami "Tsubami-san".

If you read my blog, you can see that we became good friends after Tsubami hit a walk-off home run with the bases loaded when we were on an away trip to Botchan Stadium.

I am now a semi-regular member of Tsubami Blog.

Gucchi-san aka Sakaguchi

Tomotaka Sakaguchi transferred from Orix to Yakult in 2016.
There have been 106 blog entries on the Tsubami blog since he appeared as Tsubami's prince on June 23, 2016.

I say I'm a semi-regular on Tsubami Blog, but it's no exaggeration to say I'm a regular.

Sakaguchi refers to Tsubami as a girl version of Tsubakuro.Tsubakuroko” is called.
Anyway, when I look at Tsubami's blog, I see a lot of stories of the two of them making out (lol)

The Yakult fan feeling reached its peak in 2016.
Tsubami receives a marriage proposal from Sakaguchi as a feeling couple.

By the way, the romance between the two seems to be progressing smoothly after that, and the top image of Tsubami's official Instagram, which started in 2019, is a two-shot with Sakaguchi.

Gutchi and Tsubakuroko can be said to be the most popular stories among Yakult fans.

Relationship with other players

In addition to the ones mentioned above, Nishida and Hirooka often appear on the Tsubami blog as semi-regulars or regular regulars, and they just seem to get along well.


By the way, the episode with this player and mascot is progressing at the same time!
That's why Tsubami is called a lovey-dovey woman (Swallow?) who likes good-looking men.

It's fun to know these little things because you can enjoy the feeling of being a fan and between innings while watching a game.

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