~Memorial~ How do you watch baseball? Director Nomura taught me

When I was looking at Yahoo! News on my smartphone, I kept seeing articles about Katsuya Nomura.
There were so many that I thought, ``No way...'' but it turned out to be no way.

I just watched "Tetsuko's Room" which was recorded on January 20th.
Looking at him during last year's Dream Game and at the Yakult Alumni Party in January, I thought his body had weakened since Sachiyo passed away, but he was still able to speak, so it's just a shame. .


“Manager Nomura” taught me how to look at baseball

I started supporting Yakult after Nomura was appointed as manager.
The reason for this was simple: I love baseball and I love Yakult drinks, so if I was going to support Yakult anyway, it would be Yakult.

However, the reason I'm still a Yakult fan is probably because Coach Nomura showed me how Yakult, which was once weak, became stronger.

He seems to have inherited the rebellious spirit that stems from his admiration for the Giants, and he is happiest when he wins against the Giants more than any other team.

He left a variety of achievements in professional baseball, including Nomura Scope, ID Baseball, and the Nomura Recycling Factory, but the one that left the most impression on me was the Nomura Recycling Factory.

It's only natural that a team is strong with money, and as Director Nomura said in an interview, it's the director's job to fight with the pieces he has without having to say anything about the formation.

I think Director Nomura did that brilliantly.

Even now, Yakult still acquires players from other teams who are not in the workforce, but I feel that the Nomura Recycling Factory and the current Yakult acquisitions are similar and different.

Speaking of other things, I also liked the "tactics of the weak" shown in the Japan series.

And after all, it's an achievement. He has won the league four times and is number one in Japan three times.

After Nomura, we won championships with Wakamatsu and Manaka, but it is precisely because he has such a track record that I still refer to him as Nomura, and Yakult fans have a strict eye on coaches. think.

Looking at the comments from many people involved in the world of baseball in response to the news of his death, I am reminded of the impact he truly had on many players as a manager, and it also conveys the greatness of Manager Nomura.

It's hard to say this since Takatsu's new system has just started, but as someone who watched Yakult's golden era, I'd really like to see Mr. Furuta and Mr. Miyamoto put on the Yakult uniform and coach again.

I'll be sad if I can't listen to the baseball commentary on S1 anymore...

I don't really know what I wanted to write anymore, but I feel lost because I lost something so big.

I'm just a Yakult fan, but Coach Nomura taught me how to watch baseball.
I would like to once again pray for Mr. Nomura's soul.

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