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Professional baseball has just started, and the match against DeNA on July 5th has just ended.
Tokyo Yakult Swallows managed to finish at 50%.


Originally, I was going to update what I thought after finishing the tour, but the previous article "It's painful because I'm so curious about Fuji TV's announcer Shose Kurose's commentary on the Yakult game” has already been born, so I would like to write about it this time.


person inside
person inside

This person's performance is not progressing very well. Well, it's okay because it only comes out occasionally!

I thought, ``Wow,'' but three days later, it turned out that Fuji TV's sports commentary had an even better talent than announcer Kurose.


His name is announcer Yuki Uenaka.

As expected, even the yakuza couldn't hide their surprise at his misguided commentary.

First, let's take a look back at Uenaka announcer's commentary on the legendary Yokohama DeNA game on July 4th.


The beginning of a new legend!! 7/4 Yokohama DeNA match @ Jingu Stadium

In no particular order, here are the top middle school announcers' commentary that caught my attention.

(Murakami handled DeNA Nakagawa's first grounder himself)

Child of God Kaminaka “The first Murakami himselfmoundHe stepped on the ball and hit Nakagawa. ”

(After just a 4-6-3 double play...)

Child of God Kaminaka: “Send the ball to 2nd base and throw it to 1st base.double out!!”

Commentary: Oya: “That’s a good double play.”

(The pitch passed near Nishida's body...)

Child of God Kaminaka: “The ball that went through hit Nishida’s helmet.I started grazing!!”

Commentary: Oya: "No, this is on the helmet. If you graze it, it will be a dead ball..."

Child of God Kaminaka: “I see, yes.”

(One pitch from count 2-2 misses the ball)

Child of God Upper Junior HighlastThis is it! ...Now it's full count!!"

(Looking at DeNA Kuniyoshi's ERA...)

Child of God Upper Junior High School “Kuniyoshi’s defense rate is40% 90% 1 rinis"

(Kuniyoshi's Wild Pitch)

Child of God Kaminaka: “Ah, this is...bad throw!!Is it Wild Pitch? ? ”

(Otosaka whiffs from count 3-1) Child of God Upper Junior HighIn the end, this was a strikeout.!!”

Commentary Oya: “No, it’s not yet.”

(from 2 outs)

Child of God Upper Junior Highbest shape for this sceneThe result isAs expected, GetzuDoes that mean that? ”

Commentary: Oya: “No, it’s already two outs…If you hit the batter, that’s it.”

Child of God Kaminaka: “Eh...”

(At the time of Yokohama's pitcher change, 2nd and 3rd base runner Yamazaki Watanabe talked with 3rd base coach Kawada while covering his mouth)

Child of God Kaminaka: ``There's a discussion going on at third base right now, with people hiding their mouths.Well...Care that it becomes honey...Is not it? ”

Commentary Oya “…”

Child of God Upper Junior High: “What kind of opinions do you think they are exchanging?”

Commentary: Oya: “Hmm? That’s the movement of a runner.”

(In the bottom of the 8th inning, one out, 2nd and 3rd base, batter Ueda's safety squeeze becomes a foul) Son of God Uenaka: ``Well, how about this?buntThis is Ueda. ”
Commentary Oya: “It’s a squeeze.”

From this point on, even Mr. Oya stopped talking at all by the end of the 9th inning (lol).

Among some young yakuza, people used to make fun of people saying, ``Buddha's Oya finally got angry and went home.''

Yakult fans' reactions to Uenaka announcer's commentary

We collected Yakult fans' reactions to this commentary from Twitter.

I guess it's tough to defend...

As a member of Kurose's Children, I never thought that there was still a live announcer on Fuji TV who was even more dangerous than Announcer Kurose.


Looking at the reactions of Yakult fans, it seems like 90% of them are criticizing it and 10% are defending it, but I think it would be difficult to defend it given the content.


If this was something like AbemaTV, it would be understandable.
However, it's Fuji TV ONE and DAZN, so everyone pays to watch it.


I can still understand if you end up biting because you're nervous.
For a professional baseball player, it would be like an error.


But, if you've announced that you want to be in charge of sports commentary in your fifth year with the company, this is justNegligent playI think so.


Unless it's a lazy play, it's hopelessly unsuitable. At least baseball...


My guess is that he's actually a Fuji TV announcer, so he wants to get a lot of attention on variety shows, but he doesn't want to do a Swallows live in the middle of nowhere like this.It's giving off too much of a feeling...(lol)


Fuji TV often gave the go-ahead for this.


I think it would be nice to have a live commentary like this that provides laughs and topics at least once a year.


However...Anna Kurose was already a hot topic the other day.Upper middle class, you too!I think there are many people who quipped, “(lol)


Yakult has started a long-term road trip, so I don't think I'll have a chance to listen to Fuji TV ONE's broadcasts for the time being, but there are a lot of good live announcers, so I'd like them to go out of their way to watch bad announcers only once a year.


Well, I don't think so, but you can watch this legendary live broadcast on DAZN until 7 days after the match (lol)

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