[LOL] Tsubakuro's skit called contract renewal is hilarious! Annual salary trends and summary of episodes from the first year

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At Yakult, in addition to player contract renewals, the contract renewal of Chikupen and Tsuba Kuro is also an event that attracts attention at the end of the year.

One of the highlights is not only the annual salary and in-kind payments, but also the flip tricks that skillfully incorporate various happenings and events that happened in the past year.

We have looked back at Tsubakuro's contract renewal since 2009, when he started receiving an annual salary.

Swallow Bocchi
Swallow Bocchi

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Tsubakuro’s contract renewal @ basic information

First, let's check the basic information regarding Tsubakuro's contract renewal.

・Contract renewal starts from 2009
・Contract renewal date is the last for Yakult
・Contents of contract renewal are annual salary + payment in kind
・Press conference or side interview available

It is like this.

Until 2009, there was no annual salary and payment in kind.

Regarding the schedule, player contract renewals will end before Christmas, and Otori's Tsubakuro will have his contract renewed after Christmas.
(In the past, it was the end of the year and the beginning of the new year...)

I predict that it will be held on the 26th or 27th in 2019.

Tsubakuro's annual salary trend

It's quite long when you include the episodes and negotiations, so I'll start by introducing Tsutsuba Kuro's annual salary trends.

2009 Annual salary 2,896 yen + trading volume + all-you-can-drink Yakult
2010 Annual salary 8,960 yen + trading volume + all-you-can-drink Yakult
2011 Annual salary 10,000 yen + All-you-can-drink Yakult and Toughman + 2 beers during expeditions
2012 Annual salary 10,000 yen + All-you-can-drink Yakult and Toughman + 3 beers during expeditions
2013 Annual salary 12,000 yen + all-you-can-drink Yakult 400, Toughman, and Bansoreicha
2014 Annual salary 9000 yen + All-you-can-drink Yakult and Toughman Dry
2015 Annual salary 22,000 yen + All-you-can-drink Yakult + Hawaiian souvenir chocolate
2016 annual salary 22,000 yen + all-you-can-drink Yakult
2017 annual salary 22,000 yen
2018 annual salary 25,000 yen + all-you-can-drink Yakult

If you look at it this way, your annual salary has only decreased once, and it has steadily increased since then.
Initially, the sales volume plus all-you-can-drink Yakult was available, but since 2011, the sales volume portion has been changed to all-you-can-drink Yakult products.

Looking back at Tsubakuro’s contract renewal episode

Now, let's look back at Tsubakuro's contract renewal from the first year.

2009 Tsubakuro contract renewal

・Annual salary 2,896 yen + production volume + all-you-can-drink Yakult
・Payment of expedition expenses

Tsubakuro's first contract renewal.
I received advice from pitcher Ishikawa in advance, ``Just ask,'' and went to the president's office.

Masa Suzuki, president of the baseball team at the time.

"I'll do anything. Please help me at Fukusuune."

I approached him about a multi-year contract, which was approved, and I signed the contract with him.

Tsubakuro signs multi-year contract

Source: http://www.sanspo.com/baseball/photos/091225/bsf0912251834003-p4.htm

This year's contract has a trading volume, and the up and down conditions are as follows.

≪Conditions for annual salary increase≫

① Be able to do backflips (28.96 million yen increase)
② Achieved 2000 consecutive appearances in Yakult sponsored games
③Significant increase due to selection as mascot of WBC Japan representative

≪Annual salary reduction conditions≫

① Make the child cry
② Being mistaken for a penguin
③Teasing my sister Tsubami

2010 Tsubakuro contract renewal

・Annual salary 8,960 yen + production volume + all-you-can-drink Yakult

Tsubakuro talks directly to the president, saying, ``I'm going to have a good time.''
However, it was pointed out that there had been an action in the previous year's sales volume that required a reduction in annual salary.

Number of times I made a child cry: 23 times
Number of times mistaken for a penguin: Approximately 400 times
Number of times I bullied Tsubami: 72 times
(All based on team research)

For example, something like this (lol)

Tsubakuro bullying Tsubami

Source: https://dragons-official.at.webry.info/201008/article_4.html

However, the success of the ``Tsuba Walk,'' a project to visit Tokyo's 23 wards in 2010, and the fact that sales of Tsubakuro goods tripled compared to the previous year were praised, and the number tripled.

Some of the volume conditions are the same as last year, but the following new items have been added.

≪Conditions for annual salary increase≫
① After appearing on Telephone Shocking, the number increased significantly.
② Significant increase if collaboration with Chii Walk is realized
③If you receive appare on Sunday morning, your profits will increase significantly.
④ Significant increase due to Going studio live appearance
⑤ Significant increase if featured in “Professional Work Style”
⑥ Significant increase if featured on “World Business Satellite”

2011 Tsubakuro contract renewal

・Annual salary 10,000 yen + All-you-can-drink Yakult and Toughman + 2 beers during expeditions

Finally, the first big stand as a team mascot.Annual salary 10,000 yenwill break through.
This close-up was presented in recognition of Kinugasa baseball team president's accomplishments in increasing the number of fans in Tokyo.
Due to my busy schedule, I added Toughman to my all-you-can-drink menu.

However, a large salary increase to 28,960 yen was initially considered, but the same salary reduction conditions as last year will now be applied.

Furthermore, in 2011, the evidence was captured in the team's official video.

Also, it seems that the annual salary for 2011 was decided in response to comments from some players that ``Maybe 1,500 yen is fine?''
Volume conditions remain unchanged from 2010.

2012 Tsubakuro contract renewal

・Annual salary 10,000 yen + All-you-can-drink Yakult and Toughman + 3 beers during expeditions

In 2012, he became a hot topic as he became the first mascot to declare free agency.
The players also responded coldly to this FA declaration.

Hatakeyama player
``It's perfectly fine if you leave, but I recommend you stay because if you leave, you'll probably disappear in about a year.''

Miyamoto player
``If you want to leave, leave. If you want to do something lazily, you can leave. I exercised my right. I'm not asking you to stay. I told you to be prepared if you do. It looks like he’s scared (lol).”

As a result, they decided to stay, saying, ``We can't just bring Mr. Miyamoto back home!''

Initially, Tsubakuro was offered an annual salary of 28,960 yen, but as he reflected on worrying his fans, his contract was renewed to maintain the current annual salary of 10,000 yen, the same as the previous year.

Regarding the FA declaration at this time, many videos have been uploaded to the Yakult team's official "Tsuba tube", so please check them out if you are interested.

2013 Tsubakuro contract renewal

・Annual salary 12,000 yen + all-you-can-drink Yakult 400, Toughman, and Bansoreicha

Although the team sank to last place this year, attendance increased by 108% thanks to Valentin's home run record.

Tsubakuro was also prepared for a 25% reduction, which was the full reduction limit, but the contract renewal scheduled for the end of the year was postponed to 2014 due to ``Otona no Jijo''.

Negotiations broke down at a contract renewal forum set up in January 2014.

Regarding the comments made by soccer player Keisuke Honda, which became a hot topic at the time.

``I was just about to ask the other sweetheart in my heart, and I said, ``Don't do it until you get it!''

I put my attitude on hold and finally renewed the contract at the campsite in Urasoe, Okinawa.
With the addition of the 20th anniversary celebration, the number has increased by 20%.

2014 Tsubakuro contract renewal

・Annual salary 9000 yen + all-you-can-drink Yakult and Toughman Dry

2014 was the first year for Tsubakuro to present down.
This year, rather than renewing his contract, it became a hot topic that Lotte was planning to acquire Tsubakuro as compensation, rather than personal compensation for pitcher Naruse who transferred from Lotte to Yakult.

By the way, the reason for the downfall was that the team was in last place, that they only visited the goods shop twice, and that the number of Tsubasanpo trips around Tokyo has decreased year by year.

2015 Tsubakuro contract renewal

・Annual salary 22,000 yen + All-you-can-drink Yakult + Hawaiian souvenir chocolate

Originally, Tsubakuro's contract renewal was supposed to take place at the end of the year, but the team sent him a fax saying, ``We're busy, so let's move on to New Year!''

The proposal was put on hold because I was disappointed with the sloppy feel and because I requested a high salary comparable to that of Yamada.

At the contract renewal session, I will be wearing a Frank Miura watch on both wrists.

Tsubakuro playing Frank Miura

Source: https://ameblo.jp/2896-blog/image-12119602329-13545591888.html

I received a 3,000 yen souvenir chocolate from Hawaii from the team president, and my contract was renewed for 22,000 yen, the same as Yamada's. (Digits are different)

The increased amount will be used for ``Konya Azabu de Patroll!''

2016 Tsubakuro contract renewal

・Annual salary 22,000 yen + all-you-can-drink Yakult

An incident will occur in 2016.

Tsubakuro was preparing with such enthusiasm,
Tsubakuro is three hours late for the Kinugasa baseball team president's contract renewal.

Tsubakuro's contract renewals are often done on the day when the team's work ends, so by the time he arrives, there is already a notice at the team office stating that his work will end by the end of the year.

It seems that Tsubakuro intended to make fun of the incident that occurred in December of the same year, when President Putin's scheduled visit to Yamaguchi Prefecture was delayed by three hours...

The contract was renewed to maintain the status quo with a memo saying, "It's not good to be late" (lol)

2017 Tsubakuro contract renewal

・Annual salary 22,000 yen

In 2017, the annual salary remained the same, but the all-you-can-drink Yakult product that came with it has been removed.

In fact, looking at Tsubakuro's blog, it seems like he forgot to negotiate.

They tried to emphasize their contribution, but this year, Yakult itself broke the record of 96 losses, the worst record for any team, so it was a real downer.

Tsubakuro receives a down offer

Source: https://ameblo.jp/2896-blog/image-12339610657-14099431678.html

Mayuko Toyota's famous quote that became a hot topic in 2017 because the team handed her an envelope with only real 10,000 yen bills on both ends, and the negotiations were unilaterally terminated after three minutes. "It's different," he appealed.

2018 Tsubakuro contract renewal

・Annual salary 25,000 yen + all-you-can-drink Yakult

The contract renewal in 2018 was negotiated behind closed doors due to the lack of press coverage.
Tsubakuro made a parody of Kenji Sawada, who became a hot topic after canceling his concert due to a lack of fans.Tsubakuro appeared in the interview surrounded by a man turned over next to a wall.

He complained to the press, ``I thought it would get more crowded. Plaid got in the way.''

His annual salary will be increased by 25,000 yen and 3,000 yen in honor of his 25th anniversary.
By the way, since I can't speak or write English, I denied trying overseas, saying that it would be impossible for me to get into a major.

Tsubakuro’s contract renewal summary

Tsubakuro's contract renewal has become a hot topic.
The content has been somewhat lackluster in recent years, but what kind of contract renewal will happen in 2019? It's worth paying attention to.

In 2019, we were at the bottom and had 16 consecutive losses, so it will be difficult to improve.

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