[Free] Detailed information on 2020 Yakult Spring Training TV and online broadcasts

Up until now, Yakult's spring training has been broadcast using fixed cameras in Urasoe and can be viewed for free on Youtube.

However, since it is a fixed camera, it is okay to watch practice scenes, but when it comes to practice games, it seems to be quite a bit different compared to regular game broadcasts.
(Open games during spring training will be broadcast on TV)

The spring training camps of other teams are broadcast on TV from around 10 o'clock until the evening, and I thought it was great, but starting in 2020, Yakult's spring training training will finally be broadcast live on TV and the internet. Decided.


What's more, the content is completely enjoyable even for free.

There are some parts of the Yakult team's official website that are difficult to understand, so I would like to introduce them in a little more detail.

[2020] Tokyo Yakult broadcast list | Complete coverage of internet and TV broadcast schedules!


2020 Yakult Spring Training TV and online broadcast schedule

The 1st Army Urasoe Camp will be broadcast online on CS Fuji TV ONE (ONE smart & Eleven Sports on weekdays), and the 2nd Army Saito Camp will be broadcast online on Eleven Sports.
Since the official website is difficult to understand, I made a calendar of the broadcast schedule of the 1st Army camp.

Thursday, January 30thEntering Okinawa
Friday, January 31st
Saturday, February 1stcamp innTV broadcast & internet distribution
Sunday, February 2ndTV broadcast & internet distribution
Monday, February 3rdOnline distribution only
Tuesday, February 4thOnline distribution only
Wednesday, February 5thholiday
Thursday, February 6thOnline distribution only
February 7th (Friday)Online distribution only
Saturday, February 8thTV broadcast & internet distribution
Sunday, February 9thTV broadcast & internet distribution
Monday, February 10thholiday
February 11th (Tuesday/Holiday)Online distribution only
Wednesday, February 12thPractice match: Korea/Samsung (Urasoe) 13:00 game startOnline distribution only
Thursday, February 13thOnline distribution only
Friday, February 14thholidayOnline distribution only
Saturday, February 15thPractice match: Tohoku Rakuten (Kin) 13:00 game startTV broadcast & internet distribution
Sunday, February 16thPractice match: Hokkaido Nippon-Ham (Urasoe) 13:00 game startTV broadcast & internet distribution
Monday, February 17thOnline distribution only
Tuesday, February 18thPractice match: Yokohama DeNA (Urasoe) 13:00 game startOnline distribution only
Wednesday, February 19thPractice match: Tohoku Rakuten (Urasoe) 13:00 game startOnline distribution only
Thursday, February 20thholiday
Friday, February 21stOnline distribution only
Saturday, February 22ndOpen match: Hiroshima (Urasoe) 13:00 match startTV broadcast & internet distribution
Sunday, February 23rdOpen game: Tokyo Yakult (Nago) 13:00 game startTV broadcast & internet distribution
February 24th (Monday, holiday)Open game: Hanshin (Urasoe) 13:00 game startTV broadcast & internet distribution
Tuesday, February 25thcamp launch
Wednesday, February 26thholiday

The games between the two teams are broadcast on Eleven Sports, except on days off.

*The open game period from the 22nd to the 24th will be a regular game broadcast, not a camp broadcast.
More details are introduced in the article below.

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How to watch TV broadcasts and online distribution

In the broadcast schedule above,TV broadcast & internet distribution” will be broadcast live on Fuji TV ONE & ONEsmart from 11:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.

To watch the broadcast, use SKY PerfecTV!・People who subscribe to Fuji TV ONE from broadcasting services such as Hikari TV and J:COM can watch on either "Fuji TV ONE (TV)" or "Fuji TV ONEsmart (Net)."

Alternatively, you can watch it on a VOD service such as FOD or Rakuten TV by subscribing to Fuji TV ONEsmart/Fuji TV TWOsmart (1000 yen).

\Free for the month of joining/

Can't watch on FOD Premium?

FOD also has a course called "FOD Premium" which costs 888 yen per month.
In the 2019 season, live streaming of the Yakult match was also conducted on FOD Premium.

However, judging from the information on the official website, it seems that camping broadcasts will not be live-streamed on FOD Premium.

Online distribution only

In the broadcast schedule above,Online distribution only” (weekdays), there will be no TV broadcast and only live online streaming.

To watch the Fuji TV ONEsmart special channel, you will need a broadcasting service contract or a VOD service contract, as introduced above.

Another thing to note is that on days when only online streaming is available, a live broadcast by Eleven Sports is scheduled from 10:00 am.

Eleven Sports is a free sports video streaming service.
In the 2019 season of professional baseball, we mainly broadcast the second-team games of each team.

If you want to watch the 2020 Yakult Spring Training for free, we recommend Eleven Sports.

Are Eleven Sports and Fuji TV ONEsmart special channel the same?

Is Eleven Sports, which can be viewed for free, the same as the camp broadcast broadcast on Fuji TV ONEsmart's special channel?

I also look at the official website and there is no announcement, so I don't know, but I think it's probably different.
First of all, I think it's different because the broadcast starts at different times, and Eleven Sports has a small and elite filming staff that allows it to be streamed for free.

However, looking at the past of Urasoe distribution, there may be times when Eleven Sports will be broadcast on the Fuji TV ONEsmart special channel on weekdays (lol)

I would like to add more information about this area once the broadcast actually starts.

*Added on February 5th
Weekday 1st Army camp broadcasts are also broadcast on Fuji TV ONEsmart by Eleven Sports.

On Saturdays and Sundays, only the 1st Army camp is broadcast with live commentary and commentary on Fuji TV ONE.
(Saturday and Sunday Eleven Sports only broadcasts the 2nd Army camp, no 1st Army coverage)

The content of the camp broadcasts on weekdays is the same, but Eleven Sports does not support apps or streaming devices to watch on a TV, so if you want to watch it on a big TV screen, Fuji TV ONEsmart may be better.

There is also a way to watch Eleven Sports on TV.

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2020 Yakult Camp Broadcast Summary

Basically, if you have a contract with Fuji TV ONE, you can watch camp broadcasts.
The 2020 spring training camp will be more enjoyable than usual, as there will always be broadcasts on both TV and internet, except for the rest days.

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You can watch weekday camps for free on Eleven Sports without spending money.
For now, I'm looking forward to the practice match against Korea Samsung.

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